Travel provides us with a wonderful opportunity to immerse ourselves in new sights and sounds; a fresh palette of colours and the hypnotic rhythm of another land, another culture.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life,
or the shelter of a quiet place that soothes our soul.

The bursting to life of a glorious spring day,
or a winter snowfall that blankets it all.

Yet our memories are transient and ephemeral: readily experienced but easily forgotten.

Whether rich in detail creating a tapestry of textures or abstract and conceptual recalling thoughts and feelings, photographs help us to do this in a practical and tangible way.

The sweet aromas of the bazaar.
The intrigue and intimacy of new found friends.

The trepidation as we lose yourselves in the back streets.
The blessed relief and awe as we scale a mountain top.

Travel photography is the very canvas upon which we chronicle the journey of our lives.

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