We’re working on another exciting new concept.

This project – connections – aims to document the many people with whom we have contact.

connection (n) : association, relationship, a circle of friends, or a relative

People we’ve known for a long time: friends and family.

But also people we don’t know particularly well: acquaintances and clients. Those with whom the association is often fleeting.

relationship (n) : an emotional or other connection between people

We’re constantly amazed at the way social media infiltrates our lives and impacts our culture.

Its ability to facilitate new connections and reinforce existing relationships.

And yet it often creates profound sadness when so many people are left feeling empty and unwanted; discarded and unloved.

friend (n) : a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard

We often talk about friends on Facebook as if they’re close to us.

But can there be genuine intimacy between ‘friends’ sharing an Internet connection?

How well do we really know them? And how well do they really know us?

It’s our hope that by meeting people face-to-face, chatting, and photographing them candidly, it’ll help make stronger connections.

Connections that are more substantial; more real; more personal.

If nothing else, we look forward to a very interesting journey and drinking a lot of coffee.

Call the studio on 0411 154 263 to discuss how you too can be one of my connections.