Wouldn’t it be great to have memories of people as they really are?

Images that capture their true personality, revealing their hidden spirit, and permitting us to connect with their quintessence?

Great portrait photography gives us more than just a brief glimpse into the character of a person; it provides us with an enduring signature of their soul.

This project – a day in the life of – aims to document this reality.

Admittedly, it’s a style of photography often reserved for amateur street photography, professional photojournalism, or a grand occasion like a wedding day. But why not extend it to portraiture?

To record what happens on a normal, everyday occasion.

To create a journal of, quite literally, a day in the life of you & your soulmate, your newborn baby, your fun & precocious children, and your lovable – though at times dysfunctional – family.

journal (n) : a daily record, as of occurrences, or observations

The small details. The candid interactions. The wild emotions.

To compose a chronicle of what may appear to be trivial, inconsequential incidents during the course of a day that combine to intricately weave a much bigger and infinitely richer tapestry of life.

chronicle (n) : a chronological record of events; a history

Naturally, it could also coincide with a major event such as

your daughter’s birthday party,
a quiet get-together with a best friend,

your son’s graduation, or
a family holiday.

Any occasion that conveniently provides a genuine and authentic backdrop.

Yet the process of including other elements – such as the preparation and the cooking, the applause and the packing – are just as important as all those happy, smiling faces.

Or it could quite simply happen

at home as you juggle the kids and the laundry,
with your best friend at a local café,

at the park with a picnic lunch, the dog and a frisbee,
or eating fish & chips down at the beach.

See it as the perfect opportunity to preserve a snippet of your life.

Call the studio on 0411 154 263 to discuss a day in the life of you and your loved ones.