Do you remember?

Your kids collecting shells along the shoreline.
The squeals of delight as the cool water rushes in around their feet.

Their spirit of adventure as they explore the rock pools.
The look of wonder when they make a new discovery.

Your kids building sandcastles with great intensity and determination.
The smiles of satisfaction as they dig their hands into the soft, wet sand.

These are the genuine moments you want captured.

These are the memories you want preserved for a lifetime.

The excitement and the laughter that tells a childhood story.
Their beautiful, innocent expressions reminding you of the love you share.

This is what we do!

At asterisk photography it is all about creating portraits that are true-to-life.

Whether it’s just your children you want photographed, or the entire family including the grandparents and the naughty dog, we produce timeless images that are both candid and natural.

And all of this will be at a location of your choice such as your home, in a park or down at the beach.

Somewhere you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Call the studio on 0411 154 263 to discuss your portrait photography needs.