How do you want to remember the unique story of your wedding day?

Those tears of relief.
The genuine laughter.

An intimate glance.
A stolen kiss.

How important are those precious yet fleeting moments to you?

asterisk photography is a Sydney-based professional wedding photography studio where we pride ourselves on our ability to capture and preserve all of your timeless memories naturally.

Your personal photographer will document the events in a truly candid and photojournalistic style helping you to recall the very feelings and emotions you experienced at the time.

Whether it’s

eager anticipation,
nervous excitement,

overwhelming love,
or just sheer joy.

We believe professional wedding photography is all about being ready for those moments.

What’s more, we’ll ensure your wedding day flows smoothly from start to finish. And we’ll do it all whilst creating stunning images in a sensitive and unobtrusive manner.

After all – it’s your day. You should be able to get on and enjoy it and leave the rest to us.

Call the studio on 0411 154 263 to discuss your wedding photography needs.